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New for 2017: Lamb of Bethlehem

Great church music teaches great theology. While staying faithful to its Christmas theme, Lamb of Bethlehem celebrates the biblical story of the Lamb of God from its beginnings of Passover, to a manger in Bethlehem, and toward a cross at Calvary. more


New for 2017: A Cappella Christmas Suite!

While many of our members ask us for easier arrangements, Discover Worship also gets requests for more challenging and sophisticated pieces. This year’s A Cappella Christmas Suite fits that bill. more


"Hear the Sounds of Christmas" Musical

Every year, Discover Worship offers a fresh set of Christmas musicals. This year, we’re releasing two easy works for adult SATB choir, a challenging (yet gorgeous) a cappella Christmas suite, and a fun Advent musical for kids. more


"Hello, My Name Is..."

Here's an activity that can deepen the strength of relationships within your choir. more


Saluting the Flag and Bearing the Cross

Is there a tension between our allegiance to God and our allegiance to country? Should there be? more


Is There a Future for Sheet Music?

Let's start with a short history of sheet music... Composers have always wanted to memorialize their compositions so that others could perform the music the way they created it. more


Teaching Theology to Children Through Hymns

When it comes to children’s church music, we’re often tempted to choose easy, cute, and fun over songs that are musically challenging and theologically rich. more


Start Planning Next Year's Easter Music... Today!

Chances are, you’re ready to take a break from thinking about Easter music. more


The Difference Between Easter and Christmas

As we prepare our hearts for worship during Passion Week, may we consider the profound differences between celebrating Christmas and celebrating Easter. more


3 Ways to Cultivate Spirit-Led Worship

I looked in the mirror the other day and saw my dad looking back at me. more

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