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A Place For A King

Product #: DW-12-12-02
From Bethlehem to Calvary, this compelling choral anthem underscores the magnitude of Christ's sacrifice--inviting Jesus to make his home within each of us. Primarily 2-part traditional/inspirational stylings with occasional 4-part vocals.
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Writer Chris Lovejoy, Joel Shoemake
Arranger Kris Crunk
Topic Jesus, our Savior, Commitment, Surrender, Communion
Season Easter
Tempo Moderate
Difficulty Easy
Scripture Reference Luke 23:33, Matthew 27: 32-54

A Place For A King song package includes: Listening demo, Split & Stereo accompaniment tracks, Piano/Vocal chart, Vocal chart, MIDI file(s), Lyrics

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Choir Member

JANICE – This is a beautiful and impactful anthem especially for a small choir. It is easy to learn. PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS AND TRY IT!!!!!

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