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Worthy The Lamb

Product #: DWM-E-14-1
This accessible 6-song mini-musical is a reflective journey through Jesus’ last week on earth. From his entry into Jerusalem to Easter morning, we are reminded of God’s provision and Jesus’ submission to His will. All to point us to the day we stand at God’s throne and proclaim, “Worthy is the Lamb!
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Writer Various
Arranger Various
Topic Jesus, our Savior, Missions, Ministry, & Service, Worship
Season Easter
Difficulty Easy

Worthy the Lamb tracklist:
1. Hosanna, Loud Hosanna
2. Come to the Table
3. Alas, Did My Savior Bleed
4. O Lamb of God
5. Christ Has Conquered the Grave
6. Worthy The Lamb

Worthy the Lamb package contents: listening demonstrations, split and stereo accompaniment tracks, piano accompaniment tracks, vocal charts, and lyrics.

Product Reviews

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Awesome collection

Michael – Let me say this: when I first came across Discover Worship, I was a little put off by the pricing--I mean, how much of this music would I be able to use to justify it? But when I bit the bullet and got the Unlimited subscription, WOW... Okay, a review of this work. First of all, what a great collection of songs. I admit I did swap out the final "Worthy the Lamb" for Jeff Slaughter's "Worthy" (also available here on DW!) because, well, I like "Worthy" better (hence my 4 stars instead of 5). My church loved the cantata--so many people were telling me how much they enjoyed it and were blessed by it. The script was simple and powerful, the music is masterfully collected, the integration of the kids' choir was genius--our organist, quite an accomplished musician, insisted she couldn't understand how we taught those kids such hard music. It's actually EXTREMELY easy, but the multiple layers to the arrangements were so colorful and provided such variety and counterpoint. I highly recommend this work. As I said, we used Slaughter's "Worthy" at the end in lieu of "Worthy the Lamb," which I frankly felt was a little anti-climactic. If we're going to "bring things down," I thought it should be done so with a texture change, so... there you have it. But if you have an Unlimited account, just grab them both (or whatever combination) and roll your own cantata. Can't say enough about how much fun DW's system makes assembling programs. Thanks, DW! (I feel like a cheap commercial... ;-)

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