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Give Me America (Musical)

Product #: DWM-12-P-03
America: The name means many things to many people. But the beauty of this great nation is found not in prosperity or might, but in the freedoms that we enjoy. The freedom to worship freely, openly and publicly. Give Me America is a celebration of those freedoms.
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Writer Various
Arranger Kris Crunk
Topic Celebration, Prayer, Thanksgiving, Unity
Season Patriotic
Tempo Moderate
Scripture Reference 2 Chronicles 7:14

Time length: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Give Me America tracklist:
1. Give Me America
2. The Flag Still Waves
3. Forward In Freedom

Give Me America package contents: Listening demonstrations, Split accompaniment tracks (with and without Narration), Stereo accompaniment tracks, Vocal charts, Full Musical chart, Narrations

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