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When Johnny Comes Marching Home (with simple orchestra)

Product #: DW-12-04-13-OR
Complete with narration, this simple arrangement by Kris Crunk honors those who have served and are serving in the military of our nation. For the SATB choir or mixed ensemble in traditional or blended patriotic services. [Simple Orchestration available to Unlimited PLUS Members]
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Writer Traditional Melody
Arranger Kris Crunk
Topic Celebration
Season Patriotic
Tempo Moderate
Difficulty Easy
Scripture Reference 2 Chronicles 7:14

When Johnny Comes Marching Home song package: Listening demo, Split & Stereo accompaniment tracks, Piano/Vocal chart, Vocal chart, MIDI file(s), Lyrics Simple Orchestrations are made to be highly adaptable, and to provide a full, rich sound for small, medium and large orchestras alike. We achieve this in two ways. First, our orchestrations include frequent part doubling. By putting the same musical part in more than one instrument, we hope to help mask the occasional “weak link,” and insure that even orchestras that may not have the full complement of players can have a full, rich sound. Secondly, orchestra parts are defined by their KEY, rather than by instrument name. We do this to give greater flexibility to the director. For example, if you have only one trumpet and one clarinet, you can assign the B flat 1 part to one of them, and the B flat 2 part to the other. An instrument legend is included to help you in assigning parts.

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Great Patriotic Piece

JEFF – We're going to use this on Sunday for our outdoor "Patriotic Service". This will be a very easy piece for the "summer choir" to learn during the hour before worship. Great and accessible anthem. Beautiful message.

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