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Here's some kind words we've received over the years!

I've used Discover Worship for about 15 yrs in two different churches. The quality of music & the arrangements of the music are excellent. Keep up the good work!
Jim Sheldon, Bridgeton, NJ

We feel like DW is a part of our family! Thank you for the fabulous work that you do - we will continue to be your devotees until we can't do this anymore.
Paula Nurse, Honokaa, HI

We love Discover Worship! It has been one of, if not the single best investment in our worship ministry. I am so thankful to have DW in my ministry tool box.
Wayne Harrell, Jasper, FL

Unlimited copies! You have saved us so much money with quality music. Thank You!
Joanne Schilling, Birchwood, WI

It's exactly what I've been looking for. I’ve always found the service to be a good value and it provides my church with flexibility that traditional publishers can’t always provide.
Chris Bridges, Mooresville, NC

Discover Worship offers us a wide range of music. Thanks for making what I do as a worship & Youth Pastor so much fun!
Mario Martinez, Williston, FL

I am very impressed with what I get, from Choral Anthems to children’s music. Discover Worship is invaluable to me!
Linda Gebelein, Mount Morne, NC

Been using DW for 8 months now, and it's been a perfect resource for our needs. I love the variety of styles and uses for our choir, groups, musicians, and kids. Keep up the super work! God Bless.
Erik Varden, Evansville, IN

You all at Discover Worship touch more lives than you will ever know!
Kristi White Eggers, Nashville, AR

Probably 3/4ths of what we do is from the service. And there's enough variety on there - some of it's more traditional sounding, some of it's more contemporary, and that works for us.
David Boyd, Knoxville, TN

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