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Easter: The Power of Redemption

Product #: DWM-E-24-02
Blends incredible worship music & meaningful narrations together for a compelling musical that will touch the hearts of all who hear, concluding with an invitation to receive the gift of salvation. Featuring brand-new music from Regi Stone, it delivers a powerful message to the entire church.
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Artist Regi Stone
Writer Regi Stone, Chad Cates, Jeff Ferguson, Jeremy Johnson, Paul Marino, Jennifer Shaw, Todd Wright
Arranger Regi Stone, Jeff Ferguson, Cliff Duren, Dave Williamson
Topic Jesus, our Savior, Salvation, Hope
Season Easter
What's Included:
  • Listening Demo
  • Accompaniment Tracks
  • Piano/Vocal sheet music
  • Vocal-only sheet music 
  • Narration Script
Song List:
  1. Forever We Worship the Lamb  arr. Regi Stone & Chad Cates
  2. God Loved the World  arr. Cliff Duren
  3. Once and For All  arr. Todd Wright
  4. There is Power in the Name of Jesus  arr. Dave Williamson
  5. Redeemed arr. Regi Stone and Jeff Ferguson
  6. Give it to Jesus  arr. Regi Stone & Chad Cates
  7. There is Power in the Blood arr. Regi Stone & Chad Cates


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